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I am passionate about helping doctors create fulfilling careers (within or outside medicine). I share my knowledge and expertise through leading seminars, workshops and speaking at conferences.

My special interests are:

– Alternative career paths for doctors (with interviews/case studies of doctors who are now successful in non-clinical careers);
– Entrepreneurial skills for doctors;
– Clarity around ‘ideal career’;
– How to achieve success in medical career;
– How doctors can achieve fulfilment.

I have presented on the subject of career development for doctors at:

‘Stepping Up and Speaking Out’ conference, Medical Women’s Federation (Manchester, 2015);
‘Enterprising Doctors’ workshop (London, 2015);
The Oxford Deanery (Oxford, 2014);
BMJ Careers Fair (London, 2014);
UKFPO Careers Conference (Newcastle, 2014);
Medical Women’s Federation (Birmingham, 2014);
The Social Mobility Foundation Careers Conference (London, 2013);
The National Graduate Fair (Birmingham, 2013);
The Royal College of Physicians (London, 2013);
Broomfield Hospital (Chelmsford, 2012);
Lister Hospital (Stevenage, 2010).

Evgenia Galinskaya conference speaker

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About Me

My name is Evgenia, and I help medics to figure out how to create fulfilling careers (within clinical practice and beyond).

I work with doctors of all grades to address career-related issues...

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