Working With Me

You are a doctor with career doubts. You don’t know whether reinventing yourself in Medicine or leaving clinical practice (or maybe something else!) would allow you to achieve life’s fulfilment.

– You are stuck and not sure WHAT you really want, where you want to be heading and whether it will work out.

– Or, perhaps you know exactly what you want, but you are not sure HOW to make it happen.


I’ve been there. I know there is a STIGMA attached to having career uncertainty or doubts as a medic. For several years I was struggling to figure out what it is I should do, who can help and where to start. It felt very lonely, uncomfortable and scary.

I created Other Options for Doctors to show YOU that – no matter where you are in your medical career – you are not alone. We can get rid of the doubts and figure things out TOGETHER.

Getting Started

Crossroad sign Find out how you can move forward to resolve your career-related doubt or questions.

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Testimonial pen Here's what the doctors who experienced the magic of my coaching said...

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About This Consultancy

Independent career support for medics who have career doubts but don't know what to do about it and whether they are ready for change.

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About The Founder

Meet Evgenia who left clinical practice after realising that her life's mission is to support doctors in creating fulfilling careers - in and out of medicine.

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