Doctors leaving medicine have wasted taxpayers’ money!

One of the most ridiculous comments I hear about doctors leaving clinical practice is “Doctors who leave medicine have wasted taxpayers’ money”. This statement is invariably followed by a guesstimate “Doesn’t it take more than £500k* to train one doctor?”. Whenever someone spends 5-6 years at medical school, plus however many years as a junior doctor, but […]

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A Career Development Secret To Stop Doctors Being Struck Off

Earlier this week, a story about Dr Ed Holloway “moonlighting as an international equestrian commentator” sparked a massive debate in the national media (Daily Telegraph 22/10/2014) as well as on Social Media. Watching a video  of Dr Holloway giving a short interview at the Stregom Horse Trials 2012, I observed a young man speaking with […]

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