7 Reasons Why Some Doctors Will Never Start A Business

As a career advisor, I am regularly approached by doctors who are craving for changes in their personal and professional lives. Some of them are unfulfilled in the NHS and are considering alternative career possibilities. Others say they are OK practising medicine but would like a new challenge to bring a spark of excitement in […]

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10 Pointers to Your Passion You’d Be Silly To Ignore

In my ‘previous life’ as a medical doctor, I somehow ‘knew’ it wasn’t my life’s work. And for someone who devoted 11 years of life to ‘helping others’ that’s a pretty scary realisation. Many of my peers looked up to me in awe for getting (first time round) into one of the most competitive training […]

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Alternative Careers for Doctors: 4 Intriguing Examples

Whenever I speak to doctors who are contemplating alternative careers, I recommend that they ask themselves “What would I love to be doing?” instead of wondering “What are my options?” and “Who would want me with my medical degree?”. Despite what you are made to believe in medical school, the truth is that the options […]

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