Stop Dreaming of Changing Your Life (Start Doing!)

The other day I watched “The King’s Speech”, which is based on the true story of King George VI of England. The movie shares much wisdom with us how to make difficult decisions and create positive changes in the face of uncertainty and adversity. After the death of his father King George V and the […]

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Truth You’d Rather Not Hear About Your Career

When I was leaving Medicine, there were three types of reactions from others: (a) “Are you mad? After all those years of training? What’s wrong with you?” (b) “Mmm… I can see why… I wish I could do the same…” (c) “Amazing! Go for it!” One of the hardest things during my career transition was […]

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10 Pointers to Your Passion You’d Be Silly To Ignore

In my ‘previous life’ as a medical doctor, I somehow ‘knew’ it wasn’t my life’s work. And for someone who devoted 11 years of life to ‘helping others’ that’s a pretty scary realisation. Many of my peers looked up to me in awe for getting (first time round) into one of the most competitive training […]

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A Career Development Secret To Stop Doctors Being Struck Off

Earlier this week, a story about Dr Ed Holloway “moonlighting as an international equestrian commentator” sparked a massive debate in the national media (Daily Telegraph 22/10/2014) as well as on Social Media. Watching a video  of Dr Holloway giving a short interview at the Stregom Horse Trials 2012, I observed a young man speaking with […]

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How to stop ticking boxes

How to stop ticking boxes – the secret revealed (part 3 of 3)

So it turned out that bringing out the best in people and helping them realise their potential was my calling all along. I had always wanted to make a difference in the world by “helping people”. My career in Medicine facilitated that to some extent, but something did not sit right with me, despite trying out multiple specialties or working within different teams.

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