Doctors leaving medicine have wasted taxpayers’ money!

One of the most ridiculous comments I hear about doctors leaving clinical practice is “Doctors who leave medicine have wasted taxpayers’ money”. This statement is invariably followed by a guesstimate “Doesn’t it take more than £500k* to train one doctor?”. Whenever someone spends 5-6 years at medical school, plus however many years as a junior doctor, but […]

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The Dangers of Alternative Careers Lists for Doctors

Before finally making my career transition, I regularly searched Google for “alternative careers for doctors”. There are multiple sites with lists of alternative options for those with a medical degree. Google search returns nearly nine million articles on this topic! But what if none of the options on these numerous lists seems “right”? Does it […]

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Truth You’d Rather Not Hear About Your Career

When I was leaving Medicine, there were three types of reactions from others: (a) “Are you mad? After all those years of training? What’s wrong with you?” (b) “Mmm… I can see why… I wish I could do the same…” (c) “Amazing! Go for it!” One of the hardest things during my career transition was […]

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Alternative Careers for Doctors: 6 Stumbling Blocks

With the NHS being in the state of flux, there have been fears about a medical “brain drain” (12% Increase In The Numbers Of Doctors Considering Working Abroad and 5000 Doctors Considering Leaving the UK). Yet the NHS continues to survive thanks to the altruism of the frontline staff who put their patients first, often […]

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Alternative Careers for Doctors: 4 Intriguing Examples

Whenever I speak to doctors who are contemplating alternative careers, I recommend that they ask themselves “What would I love to be doing?” instead of wondering “What are my options?” and “Who would want me with my medical degree?”. Despite what you are made to believe in medical school, the truth is that the options […]

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One evening, two inspiring speakers and super-networking for doctors

Have you ever wondered what else you could use your medical degree, other than for patient care at the front line? I have long been fascinated with how some doctors connect their talents, education and skills with passion and leadership, to create truly exciting and diverse careers (while others feel trapped in the daily grind […]

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