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A wide range of useful resources for medics not covered elsewhere on the website, including support for doctors in difficulty, ideas for alternative careers and adventure medicine and empowering professional organisations.

Travel and adventure medics

Alternative careers for medics

Useful organisations doctors should know about

Information for medical moms

Information for doctors in difficulty

  • 1. Royal Medical Benevolent Fund (Financial and other assistance for doctors, medical students and their dependants):
  • 2. The Doctors Support Network (DSN, It aims to provide support, reduce stigma, and campaign for better services for doctors with a range of mental health problems):
  • 3. The Cameron Fund (The only medical benevolent fund that solely supports GPs and their dependents):
  • 4. Practitioner Health Programme (A service for medical and dental practitioners living within the London Strategic Health Authority area with health concerns or addiction problems, in particular where this might be affecting work):
  • 5. MedNet (MedNet provides healthcare practitioners with a short programme of confidential consultations, emotional support and psychotherapeutic interventions):
  • 6. Sick Doctors Trust (SDT, Provides support for doctors with addictions):
  • 7. Money Matters for doctors (Support for doctors in financial difficulty):

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