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Other Options for Doctors was initially set up to educate doctors who were disillusioned and unfulfilled in medicine about alternative career paths. Later, it became apparent that there is a lot more to the concept of “other options” than only focusing on alternative careers.

Other options is about defying the status quo and challenging what you were made to believe about your career up to now. It is about the courage and power to say “no” to what makes you unhappy or ruins your health and wellbeing. It is about discovering new opportunities, possibilities and practical tools to grow personally and professionally – in Medicine and beyond. It is about developing and maintaining self-belief, a sense of self-worth and the confidence to create the life you desire and deserve.

Through coaching and mentoring programmes, as well as other services and online resources, we help medical professionals like you to get clear about what you want, instead of what others think you should want. With us, you will discover how to take confident steps towards achieving fulfilment – in or out of Medicine.

We have already supported almost a hundred medics in building meaningful careers and inspired lives, and we are excited to welcome you into our community.

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  • "You really have enlightened me to new ways of thinking about my future career options. You've helped me look beyond the Consultant 'post' and think about what it is that will make me truly fulfilled in my future career."

    Respiratory specialty registrar exploring options for career progression

  • "Many thanks for helpful advice about researching career options, including contact and recommendations between sessions. I think a number of my CMT colleagues who are uncertain how to proceed after core medical training would have really benefited from this advice."

    CT2 Dr planning to take time out to work abroad

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